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Malnourishment Free Gram Panchayats

Malnourishment Free Gram Panchayats (MNFP)

To take forward the initiatives to counter the problem of malnutrition, VWCT has started implementing an integrated approach. The MNFP is a community based project which integrates the Integrated Child Development Scheme along with Hygiene & Sanitation and local governance. The first step of this approach involves undertaking a population based survey to collect baseline data. This is required to identify, track and monitor the target beneficiaries. As WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) initiatives are undertaken by the local government institutions, VWCT works with these institutions to address the issues. Entire approach of VWCT to set up malnourishment free panchayats is documented in the flow chart given below.

Village Health Sanitation and Nutrition Committee (VHSNC)

The MFNP initiative intends to activate the Village Health Sanitation and Nutrition Committee (VHSNC) in the selected panchayats.

VHSNCs have been established in these panchayats, but their active participation is minimal. Through this intervention, VWCT aims to vigorously energize and empower people about various prevalent issues by providing psycho-education for lifestyle modification, dietary counselling, and referral services.

Beneficiaries: The aim of this intervention is to make the entire village malnutrition free, but the intervention would focus on the following beneficiaries:

1. Children below 6 years
2. Adolescents
3. Pregnant and lactating mothers
4. Women aged 15-44 years (beneficiaries of ICDS

Specific activities for the intervention will include:

Capacity Building Train the nursing students, village coordinators, VHSNC members, community volunteers, and field staff regarding the administration and interventions using AYUSH principles
VHSNC Activation Formation, empowerment with the skills, knowledge, and assistance of VHSNCs .
Stakeholder Sensitization Two trainings after formation and commencement of the VHSNC committee. 

Sensitize people to develop an environmental setting to abolish malnutrition and improve sanitary practices

Advocacy Efforts Mapping of developmental outcomes as per Mission Antoydaya programme.

Training to use the e-swaraj application to collect budgetary allocations 

Development of Village Health Plans Gap analysis of the existing community infrastructure related to health and WASH

Need assessment of the community infrastructure

Before implementation of interventions related to abolishment of malnutrition, a baseline survey and resource mapping would be undertaken. Population based screening will be done to ensure that a wide range of individuals can be reached in this project. A mobile app will be developed for the purpose of data collection and continuous recording. This will provide useful records of information for further monitoring and evaluation. Screening camps will be conducted to identify households for malnourishment, focusing especially on pregnant and lactating mothers, children below 5 years, and adolescent girls. VWCT will also implement behavioural interventions for various target groups which includes organising yoga workshops, education about breast feeding practices, proper nutritional practices and proper feeding and nutritional choices for their children below 5 years.

Infrastructure Development of Anganwadi centres

Anganwadis are described as rural child care centres in rural India. These were set up by the Indian government in 1975 as part of the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) program to combat child hunger and malnutrition. VWCT conducts gap analysis of ICDS centres set up at the panchayat. The objective of this programme is to assess the current status of the Anganwadi Centers and explore the perceptions of parents towards them. The interventions would be decided from the output of the gap analysis study of the AWC. The program was recently implemented in Arasoor panchayat but VWCT would like to expand the reach of this program across Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu.

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