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My auditor of many years was behind me in starting the trust. She used to support many children for studies and I used to participate in that. I said I am giving what I am able to. Why such organisation and all the associated work and responsibilities. She used to say "Illai sir .. you must, it will grow and serve many". I am glad and I listened to her in May 2014. Over the last 3 years atleast 10 children would have got their fee, 500 kids would have got benefit of getting milk. On june 3rd 2014, we registered Vaishnavi welfare and charitable trust. More than the beneficiaries, I would say the benefit is to the donors who got an opportunity to give. So that is how we started the trust with no definite plan of what we will do. I always believed in that, right time rights things will happen. Only thing we were clear was we will not do religious activity as that comes under different framework. We had the provision to include all types of welfare activity a society will need. In Nov 2014, I had a health challenge and I had to visit a cardiologist, pulmonologist, neuro, gastro, ENT and finally speech therapist. None of them could solve my issue and thanks to good karma of the past, I was introduced a great Ayurveda doctor PLT Girija of Sanjeevani. She cured my health issue with out any test, just by medicines and treatment called " vaamanam". I realised 2 wonderful things about Ayurveda. It is scientific. There was a clear science what issues I had and how it was resolved. There is a one point of ownership. So I asked the Dr what is that I can do to society leveraging Ayurveda. Can we take diseases like Diabetics, Cancer ( was aware she has done great cure to her patients) and tell the world, ayurveda is great. She was razor sharp in his guidance. "Ayurveda is fundamental change in the way we live. Adults take time and we will have limited impact. Let us focus on malnourishment of children. India is a country where 65% of children are malnourished. Simple solution of giving milk and ashwagandha will give remarkable results".
“They alone live, who live for others." – Swami Vivekananda. Was an inspirational line that made me to think of doing something for another human being. This happened when I was in my first year engineering and I went to donate blood. Now after donating 44 times, that is one of the most direct ways I do something. Cognizant as on organization too provided ample opportunities to volunteer and work with many NGO's. Some of them I still mentor. This took me thru areas such as education, health etc. Life gave quite a few opportunities could use some of them. The one set of information that really touched me was malnutrition in India and what it does to the human potential that never get realized. From a very young age I believed education is one thing that could change the nations and bring all that is required to many lives. However malnutrition and its effects makes me to think, that we need to engage much earlier. We need to make them fit enough to use education. I am 44 years with a solid friend and supporter as my wife Sudha, and an angel from heaven as my daughter Dharma.
Sethuram loves nature and fondly remembers his early days when he used to play with the cows in the backyard of his house in Tiruchirapalli. He grew up experiencing the goodness of Ayurveda and has many friends who are Ayurveda doctors. He is passionate about making the next generation better through the awareness of our ancient health care system Ayurveda. Surrounded by traditions intact he realises the goodness of milk. He believes that milk is the fundamental of a healthy diet. Main source of calcium and only place we get Latic acid for our growth.
Investment Advisor and Ayurvedic Enthusiast Commerce graduate with 26 years of experience in corporate finance, stock broking and mutual funds. Spent 7 years with Sundaram Finance Group, leading financial services company based out of Chennai.