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Madurai Cow Workshop

Impotance of Cow Workshop

The past 3 years of giving milk and Ammukura Churnam has taught the 'Vaishnavi trust team' the importance of cow's milk, the different types of milk like A1 and A2 and the benefit of using an Indian cow's milk. This is the reason when Mr Srinivasan the Secretary for Tamil Nadu Harijan sevak Sangh requested for cows instead of just milk, the team was more than happy to sponsor cows. Harijan Sevak Sangh was started by Mahatma Gandhi in 1932 to provide education and house the Harijan children. The Tamil nadu secretary for the Sangh, Mr Srinivasan takes care of working and welfare of all the homes and hostels in the state. The children come from economically disadvantaged homes with either single parents or only living relatives. There are 4 hostels in and around Madurai which houses about 400 children. 1. Mahatma Gandhi boys hostel - 20 boys 2. Kasturba Bai girls hostel - 100 girls 3. Sevalayam boys hostel - 150 boys 4. NMR.Subbaraman memorial residential primary school - 125 children. The children are being given milk but the quality and quantity is an issue. To provide milk they would like to buy 20 Indian breed cows which will be housed in Mahatma Gandhi boys hostel. There are experts who are willing to take care of the cows and train the boys to understand the importance of cows. Vaishnavi Trust did its due diligence by organising a workshop with an expert in cows Mr Pasu Raghavan on 12th May 2017 in Mahatma Gandhi Boys Hostel, Mellur, Madurai. It was a one day workshop arranged for the team of 5 who would look after the cows. Mr Srinivasan and Mr Mohan (thefounder of Vaishnavi trust) were part of the workshop to understand the nuances of having to take care of cows.   The one major take away from the workshop was Cows are still seen as a commodity which gives milk and we were doing the same. Mr Raghavan explained how cows are part of a family and there's a formula for sustaining them without incurring huge expenditures. For example one acre of land can sustain maximum of 7 cows with a team of 3 taking care of them. There is so much of goodness which is got from the cow and milk in the line of importance stands at the 102nd place. The cow's dung is a very good form of manure which carries 33million microbes which are life giving. The cow's urine when used in combination with other herbs forms the best form of pesticide for plants. These were just few of the revelations in the workshop.    

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  • Date: January 19, 2018
  • Time: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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